Pjanic – the Galactico (Real M. 1:1 Lyon)!

Cristiano Ronaldo advanced to the joint meringue in minute six, but the men of Pellegrini did not know to extend the advantage in spite of enjoying occasions clarísimas during all the first half. The Lyons was superior in the second part and ended up destroying the white illusions with a goal of Pjanic in the 76 ‘. Sixth consecutive year without arriving at the quarters of end.

We already warned it in the previous days. A worrisome euphoria in the madridismo had untied after overcoming a 0-2 to Seville. Tuna was something very and that helped to raise the moral, but nothing else. Nothing had been obtained. We arrived too much grown at the encounter of Champions thinking that we are the best ones, when the most recent history says right the opposite to us.

To say that it was seen come would be of ventajistas, but I can assure to you that I did not like the euphoric atmosphere that she was lived in the White House. Nobody has been able to restrain the excessive optimism that existed in Real Madrid. The unique that has put something of sanity has been Squares, while others as Sergio Branches or Ronaldo Christian gave by closed the eliminatory one before confronting the return match.

Now, and after 250 million Euros and other as much million tears, the moment arrives for reflecting. Salts of the Glass with shameful a 4-0 and eliminate the Lyons to you of the Champions, a rival that, no matter how much they want to sell now, is normalito. You can fall before a Manchester United or a Chelsea, but not to surpass to the French equipment supposes a failure of incalculable proportions.

We are not going to say that all go away, but know that many are going to be indicated after the 1-1 of tonight. Pellegrini will be first. It has returned to roll it in one night great. The alignment was well. The best ones played and some ace in the sleeve for second half was reserved. The bad thing is that it has not known to react from the band. It put to Van der Vaart and Raul, situation that was within the script, but cleared Granero and Kaká. Especially indignante it was the march of the Brazilian. How you can command to him to the bench with 1-1 in the marker? Why nonexempt to a power station? There is no answer. It is of crazy people.

Whatsoever, the worse substitution did not arrive until the 84 ‘. And it is that, to the Chilean technician the idea was happened to him to clear to Arbeloa to put to Diarrá. You remain without a lateral one that raised by band of constant way, to give entrance to another midfield player, when what demanded the encounter was amplitude.

Another one of which one will take woods by all the sides will be Higuaín. It has failed the day that did not have to do it. Here we have defended to him always, but the one of today does not have defense. It is what there is. Clarísimas had two occasions that were lost between the desperation of the public. Especially painful she was the one that it had in minute 25. The Pipita goes away of Lloris and sends its closing to the wood with portería empty. You cannot fail that when your equipment dominates, gains 1-0 and you have the given rival. The unique thing that you obtain is to give life on the contrary.

Next to Higuaín and Pellegrini, we will see Kaká. The Brazilian will be the third party in the eye of the hurricane. She did not appear more awaited at night. He returned to disappoint. Those that we defend to him we were over the years without arguments. In the other side of the balance they are Christian Ronaldo and Guti. First it was at a great level, although in second half something more intermittent noticed to him. The Fourteen, on the other hand, gave everything it and ran like never in search of the ball. One was given to him and fitted, but it could not be.

Leaving to a side the individual aspect and centering us in the happened thing during the ninety minutes, we must be right and to say that first half an hour of Real Madrid it has been very good. They had occasions, possession, speed and mobility. Christian abrió the marker in minute six and the equipment felt like superior. The worse thing is than they began to fail opportunities. The 2-0 seemed near, but it finished being a mirage.

All good that it offered the white equipment finished in the renewal. We do not know why. We do not know if Pellegrini asked to delay the lines to them, or if they accused the physical effort. We do not know it. The certain thing is that Puel put two changes that worked to him to the Lyons, that was very superior during all the second half. Madrid sank and the outcome was seen come. Everything ended the goal of Pjanic. He was depressing. To swim to die in the border. To spend for irte to house like a small equipment.

Ivar Matusevich said, in one of its columns, that appeared the first symptoms of the abyss in Real Madrid. After the 1-0 it was fitted in Lyons. They criticized many it, but in its words the reason of the person hid who is impartial, that does not move by interests, that says what thinks. Now I understand that one phrase. There was fear. Superiors were not the Lyons and the panic arrived. Many feared that, 250 million Euros later, the nightmare was going to follow its course. Three weeks later, the nightmare becomes in interminable.

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