Metzelder: “I’m going from Real”

29-year-old Christoph Metzelder said publicly that he would leave Real Madrid because he sure will not extend the contract with him.

“I must be honest, and that Real will certainly not extend a contract with me. Although the situation has changed in the club, I decided to leave this club. ”

“I really enjoyed playing for this club, and I’m glad I was in a club with players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Raul. But my 3 years contract with Real was expired, and therefore I have to leave the club because it came a lot of players who can play for me.”

“I would like to return to Germany. I’ve always enjoyed playing in the Bundesliga. I’m trying to find a  club where I will be in the first team, and where I’ll be noticed. I want to be important again. “- Said Metzelder for” Kicker “.

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